Canadian 9mm box

Got this from a fellow collector who does not do boxes ;-)
Would like to know what the headstamp of the contents was. The lot number format looks danish, but could be standard IVI for what I know.
Canadian made military ammo is fairly rare in this country, some DAQ 7,62 was sold in battlepacks 3-4 years ago*, but otherwise only .50 BMG (IVI tracer, I think) turns up.

*Through one of the wholesale hunting suppliers, after that it was SA R1M1.

Looks like a standard canadian 9mm box with lot number 237 and date 1972.
HS should be IVI 72 with NATO cross in circle.

Here you go…

L-R - Commercial IVI, Military IVI 82 dated, Military IVI 86 dated.

Many thanks, Missing, exactly what I needed, possible hs’ for this box :-)