Canadian box of .303 Brit

A Canadian friend has it. It is sealed. Any idea about the headstamp?

Hi Vlad, I have seen earlier and later lots showing a DAC 50 7Z headstamp.



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What does the “G” signify? BALL G MK 7Z


Ditto to Mayhem’s question

What makes you think it is a Canadian Manufactured box of .303?
I dont see any markings in the photo to sugest the manufacturer.


My friend was born in Montreal. His father was given this box by an ex-Canadian military man in Canada. So I assume it is a Canadian box.

That particular style of box is typically Canadian. I have had similar in both .303 and 7.9 x 57 mm ammunition made in Canada.

The letter “G” usually signifies a Tracer in UK ammunition, but admittedly, I don’t ever recall it carrying the appellation “Ball G.”

John Moss

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