Canadian-Danish 2460 round case-9mm


Collecting cartridge boxes can become an affliction, and is even worse when you branch out into cartons and cases-just ask my wife!

I try to keep the carton and case accumulation under control but sometimes am tempted. Recently, a friend found an interesting case at a “junk” store that I couldn’t live without. The case was only $25, but the shipping was more than that.

The case was interesting because it is a WWII (1943) Canadian Military box, which I had not documented before, and because it also had Danish labels on it.

I assume it was Canadian ammo (40-64rd boxes) shipped to the Danish military after WWII and remarked in Denmark. I assume the designation “M. 45 E.” indicated it was British ammunition and that this crate had the Danish label attached in the 1950s based on the date on the bottom of the Danish label.

Inside the box are two metal boxes with lift out straps, both are missing their tops. I assume these are original since they are a perfect fit for the Canadian 64rd boxes. Can someone confirm that these are the original Canadian WWII crate configuration? I ask since the wood spacers inside the crate that keep the metal boxes in place look newer than the crate itself.

The metal boxes have a blue cross painted across them with a symbol in the middle which I assume is Canadian since it includes the Broad Arrow. What is the meaning of this symbol (illustrated below)?

What is the meaning of the blue bands on both the crate and the two metal boxes? Since they are under the Canadian labels they must be Canadian in origin.

Finally, a translation of the pink label in Danish would be appreciated.



Lew - I cannot answer your questions on the meaning of various markings on your case, but I do have what I believe is a 64 round box correct for those cases. It is the normal Canadian 64-round buff cardboard box, with the impressed caliber markings on the top. I have “pure” Canadian boxes with and without that marking.

The box is dated 28 APR. 1948 (I am guessing at the “APR.” because it is badly stamped. It is also stamped “DENMARK.” It has markings in the upper left corner and upper right corner, probably in Danish, but so badly stamped that I cannot read them. Perhaps a Danish-speaking member could, but I am not sure I could get a good enough image even for that. If wanted, I will try. ll markings are stamped in black ink.

About center on the box top are the words “Ettaraete og ompakkede” which I may have typed with errors here, as it, too, is poorly stamp and hard to read.
Again, a native-Danish speaker can probably read it easily and, in fact, interpret it from what I wrote.

The cartridges are “DI 43 9MM” with normal Canadian GMCS FMJ RN bullet, brass case with no cannelure (smooth case), and brass primer cup with three triangular primer crimps.There is the normal purple primer seal.

Lew - I will send you a scan of the box at 600 ppi with the hope it will make the markings at least as legible as they are now. You may post it on this thread or not as you please.

Edited to correct information about impressed caliber markings and color of ink used for “Denmark” stamping.


Lew, very nice crate. I believe that a correct translation of the pink label would be:

“Collect and dispose empty shell casings after shooting! It is difficult to obtain brass.”


Thanks John and Fede.

Hope one of our Danish members can confirm the meaning of “M 45 E”!



9mm M45E is what foreign, i.e. british 9mm left behind by allied troops liberating the country. Much of it DI made Mk2z but all kinds was represented, Blackpole, Hirwaun etc.
E is for England. … editid1=49
Note that repacking was done to a lot of this ammo and all sorts of boxes were used if the old one was too treadbare.
Fede’s translation of the pink sticker is spot on.
The crate date is 1943 which could make it an airdropped item (Courtesy SOE) later collected by the army and reissued to troops with SMGs and pistols.
The boxes in this crate was probably never repacked since there is no date on the white card (lower line)
If any more questions, please ask.


That create came from the estate of Stuart Miller of Rapid City , Michigan. I never thought about it until you or someone else mentioned 64 round boxes of Canadian 9mmP here on the forum. But many years ago when Stuart was still with us I purchased several 64 round Canadian boxes of 9mmP from him. I have a hunch that these boxes came out of this create. I no longer have any of these boxes, but I do have a picture of one of them and of cartridges that came out of the box. I will post them here. I hope as I seem to have lots of trouble with photobucket anymore.