Canadian Importer of ammo


Recently ran across a company that is an importer of interesting ammo that I had not encountered before. In 2013 they had an ad for 9x19mm.

This ammo was loaded by Lugansk in the Ukraine and is no longer offered on their website. I wish I had chased this down earlier and found a box. I suspect it is a normal Lugansk headstamp but who knows. All they offer on their site now is 7.62x39 from the Ukraine. Understand they have stocks of other calibers including 9x19mm but don’t know the details.

It looks like they are also the importers of Wartak from the Ukraine where they are shown as Sterling Cross Defense Systems Corp in British Colombia. I think they may also be the importers of Sterling ammo from Turkey. Apparently they have commercial sales in Canada and have made sales to the DOD and perhaps other agencies in the US. I understand some of their stock is stored in the US.

They also sell some interesting weapons, like the M-14S, a semi-auto version of the M-14 made in China. Sure wish they could be brought into the US!!! Would love to have one.

Canadian Collectors, Keep your eyes open at gun shows for some of their ammo. it looks like most of it is not getting into the US. A few boxes at SLICS would create interest.



Lew, the hs says “LVE”. Are you sure there is a connection to LCW?
Also LCW did not make any copper clad steel cases since the fall of the USSR.

Cany anybody tell the full markings of this box?


Lew and Alex, these are headstamped LVE 10 9mm LUGER. This company also imported SCDS brand cartridges made by LVE in 7.62x54R and 7.62x51, both with copper/steel cases and FMJ or SP bullets. Also, they are the legal owners of the Wartak brand ammunition made by LCW. Regards, Fede.


Do not worry about the unavailable Chinese M14 clone. For some time it could be sold in Germany. All owners I know were not satisfied with its grouping capability, to put it mildly.


Indeed, the Norinco M14 clone is a cheap alternative and should be treated as such. The same applies to the rest of their civilian line (1911, CZ75, AR15, etc).
It should also be noted that «the Ukraine» is an archaic spelling no longer in use.

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EOD & Fede, Thanks for the info. I was told they got their ammo from the Ukraine. I have not seen a box or the ammo, only the ad.

Tennsats, What is the correct spelling??? I just looked at my WARTAK box and it is spelled “Ukraine”. I can’t remembering encountering another spelling here in the US.


PS: Thanks for the info on the M-14S. Not that I could have bought one anyway.


Lew, I assume Tennsats objected on the “THE Ukraine”

I would be very interested to know/see if the boxes also came from LVE and do bear respective markings identifying it as made in Russia.


Here a quite good image of Wartak 9x19 from LCW (I wasn’t aware of these before):

Anybody here who knows the full box markings?

Just found some 5.56x45 too; … o-be-true/


Tennsats, I went on the internet and now I understand. I found the following…

So now I know, even old dogs can learn new tricks, it just takes a lot longer… And, lots of people will tell you that I also qualify as “archaic”.



As EOD correctly points out, I referred to the Ukraine!
Of course, I wasn’t trying to belittle, it is just a common mistake that many make these days.
After all, without the «archaic» cartridge collectors, who would be here to help new people like me learn the ropes? :)

Best from the land of the midnight sun,


The fact is, that current boxes of ammo, and some other documents that originate from Ukraine, do NOT us the term “Made in THE Ukraine” nor use the “The” in other contexts. If “The Ukraine” is the CURRENTLY approved form of the country’s name, why does it not appear that way on all native printings of the name? Just curious. My Atlas, an American publication, published in 2001, also shows the country name as simply “Ukraine,” or the transliterated equivalent of “Ukraine.”

Treshkin - perhaps you can tell us the current preferred version of the name.
With the amount of times I use that country’s name in speech and writing, I do not want to be in a position to slight my friends there with an inaccurate rendition of the name of their country.


John, just look at Ukraine’s MFA website. I assume it is them who decide how their country is named correctly in English resp. in international matters.


Maybe you misunderstood my post, John - Ukraine is the current valid spelling. «The Ukraine» comes from the Soviet times when Ukraine was ruled by the union, hence «the» indicating a republic, state, region, under Russian rule. For a comparison, as Lew posted, «The Argentine» is now Argentina.
In 2014, Ukraine is of course a sovereign country, but some still use the incorrect form as if the Union was still intact.

I could also mention that the capital of Ukraine, Київ (Ru: Киев) is transliterated from UA-EN as Kyiv, not Kiev. Kiev is the transliteration of the Russian spelling. Since 1995, a transliteration reform made Kyiv the correct version. Since then, Kyiv has been used in all official contexts.

Just some food for thought, as I know that Ukrainian friends of mine appreciate those who know the difference. It may seem trivial but I am sure the difference is big enough to matter, especially in these trying times.

Hope Lew can forgive my «hijacking» of his thread.

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Ole - you are correct, of course. I misread the opening remark about the name of Ukraine to indicate that “the Ukraine” was current. I know in the past it was referred to that way. Sorry about that. I read some these things to fast, I’m afraid. My eyes go faster than my feeble mind can absorb what they see. Sorry about that.

EOD - Ole’s explanation of my error in comprehension was enough for me. However, just for fun, I looked at that website and saw that the country name was, in every instance, simply “Ukraine.” I feel much better about that now, thanks to you and Ole, because I have been referring to it as Ukraine for years, including every reference in my book manuscript.

O.K. Lew - guess you can have this thread back now. You have SSgt Moss’ permission. :-)


Fede, thanks!
Do you happen to know if the boxes of SCDS (LVE) have respective LVE markings too?


[quote=“tennsats”]As EOD correctly points out, I referred to the Ukraine!
Of course, I wasn’t trying to belittle, it is just a common mistake that many make these days.[/quote]
Don’t feel bad, I know several old-time collectors who insist on calling the IAA the “ICCA”. All is well.


DK - I still have a little problem with that, although it is fading over time. Never liked the change - considered it a matter of being “PC” and I am about the least “PC” guy in the world. I still have a problem with “ECRA” over “ECCC” as well. Always seemed to me to say that “collector” was a dirty word, yet the vast majority of all accurate arms and ammunition research has been done by collectors, with a few subjects within that realm, such a reloading, and Forensic issues, where shooters and law enforcement have led the way, respectively.