Canadian Lee-Metford

Lee-Metford was a black powder gun. Is this round loaded with black powder? The headstamp and the general looks of it are very modern. Is this a commercial load?

Smokeless commercial load. DCCo used LM on their .303 British into the 1920s.

A nice ad dated 1916 that illustrated this headstamp:

During WW I, Remington also made some “L-M” marked ammo ( .303 MkII or VI) for Britain ( 1915, I think) one lot only, it seems.

Doc AV


IIRC…and it’s been awhile…I once owned one of the cartridges you are thinking of…I believe it was headstamped:
REM-UMC L E (Lee-Enfield) ??


Randy - you are partially correct. The headstamp did NOT include “REM-UMC.”

It was simply “L - E .303” in a binominal headstamp split at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions on the head.

Remington’s commercial headstamp was REM-UMC .303 British, with some letter font changes until they switched to R-P .303 British.

I cannot comment on the number of lots produced. It was not, while I was collecting .303, and especially rare headstamp, although certainly never available here in shooting quantities.

Thanks, John…

I knew it was L-E though !!

I think Vlad’s headstamp is fairly rare…I don’t remember seeing many of them…