Canadian Made Sportowy Inserts


Newly made Sportowy .22 RF inserts by WW Machining Ltd. of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada. … nsert.html


I had never heard of these, and a quick search turned up a pic of the 7.62X25 pistols with modified slide, barrel, etc.


Yeah, the pistols themselves are pretty scarce; can’t imagine there will be too much demand for the sub-cal chambers.
I already have the Polish variations in aluminum and steel, so I don’t think I would even add one to my collection.


My wife has a Sportowy and i must say, it is a fun system to shoot with. The only odd thing is that the gun ejects 2 cases. The subcal chamber and the empty .22 case.


There were a fair number of pistols with 8 inserts sold in Canada c1990.


I have one of those pistols and the inserts that came with it had to be individually fitted to the chamber. Wrecked a couple before I got it right, so this is good news to me! Assuming I don’t have to re-learn the fitting process.