Canadian Police Forces Adopt Less-Lethal 40mm

The time has FINAILY come, that some Canadian police forces have purchased less lethal 40mm ammunition.

These 40mm cartridges are provided by Security Devices International -

Next, the police forces must adopt less lethal projectiles for their sidearm… Maybe not a “Clown Gun”?


Dave, thanks for the info.

I just can’t figure if SDI is a US or a Canadian company.

EOD, I was wondering the same thing…

By all the news headlines this morning, it sounded as if SDI were a local Canadian company. But after visiting their website, they have a United States affiliate also, which makes me wonder the same as you…

I was in contact with SDI today, about possibly obtaining a set of inert less lethal rounds for my collection. But a kind response from an SDI representative said they “can only sell their products to law enforcement, corrections and military personnel”… So I am out of luck for now.


Good to hear I am not the only one being confused.

Inert items would not qualify as ammo so it sounds like an excuse to just not give you some samples.
In general I found that manufacturers have very little interest in giving away inert samples to “non customers” as there is simply no (perspective) profit from this.
Some are just afraid of potential competitors spying on them etc…
Let alone the cost of such items + possible later questions why such material ended up with civilians/unrelated people.

Maybe someone else can clarify on the US/Canadian issue?

EOD, all good points made.

I will ask the representative I spoke with, whether SDI is a Canadian company or not.
(More info to come…)


Great! Looking forward to hear what they will tell you.

Corporation, home office, and training are all US-based. Their US stock exchange and quarterly financials are on their website. My understanding is that they basically have a Canadian division.

I’m the LL guy for my team and agency and should have 40mm T&E rounds from them soon, will advise. I didn’t request one of the Malodor cartridges as they are of no use to me, but I’m really curious so I’m asking for an MSDS, ingredient list, whatever.

As far as policies on samples, yeah the lawyers screw that up for a lot of folks. I’ve been tryin to get an inert or spent 25mm ‘payload’ shell, from Barrett and also from ATK, no luck. Same for Safariland, my instructor certs are under them and I haven’t been able to finagle one of the giant R2D2-sized 40mm tradeshow displays.

Meanwhile ammo demigods on the board have enormous collections and displays of inerts … I think I might be impolite or something…

Thanks a lot for the clarification!

Yes, thank you Mwinter.

I have not had a response back from SDI as of yet… This is the reason I have not posted any info.

Btw, I wish you luck in obtaining some inert samples. Because I was able to obtain none. :-)


Got a nice big wooden crate of stuff from them today (one of the few parts of the job I still enjoy).

As is my standard practice I will contact the manufacturer and get an approval to post photos (I always do unboxing, packing, labels, case stamps, cartridge photos, and photos of any usage tests we conduct, since I am an Ammo Knerd). I may also get Wolf to do cross-sections for my ammo library.

Once I get a go-ahead I will post links to photos here. Since I am lazy I have never done an article for the Journal; I’m thinking maybe this is a good opportunity.

Our range days are at the end of the month; once we shoot some I will attempt to recover the projos and will probably be able to send out an inert or 2 (most likely the solid yellow plastic training round, or if they survive well the foam impact LL rounds).

They sent 2 of the Malodors (yay!)…it is very tempting to use a rookie for an ‘exposure’ but I will probably not be allowed to do so.

At first blush they appear very similar to LL 40mm rounds from ALS and some other companies; white cartridge case, revolver case/primer for ignition/propulsion, very flat-nosed ogive projos, almost wadcutter-like.

More to come as I have time.


I am looking forward to reading your Journal article, if not seeing some photos at the very least. Some cross sectioned specimens would be wonderful too, as they always look beautiful!

I take it you didn’t obtain inert cartridges either… You must be in a great position as a cartridge collector!



Lack of funds, time and knowledge make my collection pretty weak compared to most of the IAA guys. I do occasionally get in on stuff due to my duties as LE and rangemaster, and last weekend I scored some original pinktip .44Sp Glasers at a gunshow (Harris fan here). As I said before some attempts even at police-only stuff fall flat (Barrett 25mm, Knight 6x35mm…heck I couldn’t even get a line drawing of Knight’s suppressed wheelgun cartridges, kudos to those guys for keeping a tight lid on their stuff).

I asked for inerts; he said basically there were none except for a few issued out to reps or vendor and suggested I repiece some spent cases and recovered projos. Due to the way the payload rounds (OC, Malodor, etc) projos are constructed I can see how dummies of those might be tough to make.

If I get the go-ahead I’ll post photos here well before any attempt at an article…but I figure since it’s a relatively new outfit and I just got all that stuff in I’d be in a good position to do it justice.


I am glad atleast one of us collectors were able to obtain samples. Your positional duties sound to be quite high ranking in the field. I wouldn’t doubt at all, if you used some elbow grease, you can obtain some wild cartridges :-)

Again, I am looking forward to seeing photos when you get the opportunity and some spare time!