Cannon friction primer

Is it a newly made reenactor item or it has some age?

If newly made then extremely close to the original old ones.
To me it looks genuine.

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Bear in mind that at least in the U.S. friction primers were manufactured at least as late as 1915 or thereabouts. Jack

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Without knowing the dimensions, this primer seems to match this box from 1887.
Varnished card with a string pull to open. Primers are always in great condition for 133 years of age.

Primers are 60mm (2.365") long and 4.8mm (0.191") diameter.
Black paint seal at wire joint and silver foil seal at the end of the tube.

Is this a standard diameter for USA artillery guns?


Ron: Your primer is close to Rem-UMC’s no.4 in the 1918/19 ammunition catalog. That one is described as 2.39 in. length, .197 in. diameter. Interestingly the several fired primers (properly bodies and wires, as they are separated in the firing) from out west are smaller, something like 1.75 in. length and .185 in. diameter. This latter type seems to agree closely with Remington’s no. 2. These recovered fragments are likely from primers of Civil War manufacture and fired a decade later. Jack

I am always interested in primers and igniters.
My primer came from this full box when I opened it.

Ron: In addition to the smaller primers I mentioned above I found one single body that had a length of 2.375 in. and a diameter of .183 in., making it a sort of transitional piece between the small ones I found and the specimen from your box. Jack