Cannot find and/or don't get it


There are three things I am having trouble with:

First, I understood there is/was a cartridge price/value reference list on the IAA web site, but I cannot find it… help?

Second, why is there two listings each for General Ammo, Buy/Sell.Trade, and Forum Tech?

Third, why does one of the Buy/Sel/Trade links have the “Open Draft” button greyed out and not able to click on it, (the other was the same for a while, and today I noticed it is active for me)?

Thjanks, and yes, I am a slightly-semi-technicaly-minded 60+ year old!


For your first question the price list is published in the IAA Journal, not on the Forum.



Brian, thanks… do you know if there are any plans to make it a serchable database online?