Cannot post on Buy/sell/trade

Became a member-can see the forum and read the posts–how do i make my own post? “Request” box is already filled with text and no window opens to allow my name email etc.


Portion of a screen shot of the IAA Forum home page, note red box:

Click on link shown below.

Ads for IAA members to Buy, Sell, or Trade collectible cartridges or cartridge related items! Request access here:

Click on the link and here’s what page comes up–I see no way to interact with this page?

When I click on Request+ I get:


I see, the only answer I can give you is that IAA is run by volunteers so it may take awhile for your request to be approved. Wish I could be of more help.


Got it—I knew the group was volunteer based so I will bide my time and see what shakes out. Thanks for the responses and I’m looking forward to exploring the data!

Matt N.