Cannot post on Buy/sell/trade

Became a member-can see the forum and read the posts–how do i make my own post? “Request” box is already filled with text and no window opens to allow my name email etc.


Portion of a screen shot of the IAA Forum home page, note red box:

Click on link shown below.

Ads for IAA members to Buy, Sell, or Trade collectible cartridges or cartridge related items! Request access here:

Click on the link and here’s what page comes up–I see no way to interact with this page?

When I click on Request+ I get:


I see, the only answer I can give you is that IAA is run by volunteers so it may take awhile for your request to be approved. Wish I could be of more help.


Got it—I knew the group was volunteer based so I will bide my time and see what shakes out. Thanks for the responses and I’m looking forward to exploring the data!

Matt N.

Matt see my reply on the question about the membership resource forum.

I can only say keep contacting webmaster