Cant find info on shotshell

I entered info online but cant find another. I may be overlooking something. Like to know anout when was made and a value if possible. Is this rare? Thanks.

Not rare, $1-$3 likely made for Winchester Salute cannon consumption. Not sure of the date, but after 1900 & probably about 1920’s - 1930"s as a GUESS.

That’s about what I was going to say. There was apparently a considerable market for the Winchester cannon which used 10 gauge black powder blanks. I think much of the cannon’s use was for marine-related activities - salutes, starting boat regattas and boat races, etc. Back when I was a youngster, there used to be summer speedboat races on the Ohio River, with each started by a blast from one of the Winchester cannons. Lots of noise and smoke, and I probably still have some of the old fired 10 Ga. cases somewhere that I picked up at that time.