Carabine "Rival" a Repetition (Saint-Etienne)


Here is an advert for a sporting rifle in various calibers showing a typical Deadeteau cartridge clip being used, does anyone know if these clips were made for the larger rimmed rounds shown in the advert? I’ve only ever seen them for the 6,5x53 cartridge.

Happy collecting, Peter


The Clip for the 6,5D would also fit the other cartridges except for the 8mm Lebel, which is much bigger in rim and base than all the others.

(The 6,5 is effectively a semirimmed 7,62Russian, whilst the other (English Type) cartridges are all .303 head size. So the Possibility is that all the cartridges except for the 8mm Lebel, used the standard 6,5D clip. The Lebel must have had a Larger(wider) clip, and maybe only ?Four? rounds…Not having seen a 8mm Rival, but only 6,5cal models, I can’t make any definitive statement on this problem.

Doc AV


A standard 6.5mm Daudeteau shown with the 8mm Rival-Mimard = same base of case.