Carcano ammo mistake

Supposedly came from a museum. The way I understood it was NOT frangible, but multi-ball.

It is a Frangible Magistri type short range cartridge.
The Public order cartridge “Guardia” was made up the same way as the 6,5 version…a long, slit bodied bullet with multiple lead segments.
The Magistri cartridge held both lead sections and lead dust. It would fragment on wooden baffles and steel target plates in the 100- 300 metre enclosed rifle ranges around Italy ( Tira Segno Nazionale & Military Indoor Ranges.
Look up the various books on Italian Carcano Rifles and Ammo.
Doc AV

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Thanks, Doc, for correction, I probably misunderstood.

Vlad, in my opinion the identification is correct, since this is a frangible (Frangibile) load for gallery/short range shooting. The equivalent load in 6.5 mm has the same construction (Frangibile M. 37).

The Magistri type mentioned by DocAV has a jacket made of coiled brass and different construction.



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