Carcano "B.P. + B-02" charger

Is this made in Bologna in 1902? Any meaning to the cross in the middle?

Factory Recycled for Further use. Common Army practice up to WW II.

Doc AV

Vlad - the initials “B.P.” should be for the Chief Government Inspector, Pirotecnico di Bologna, 1899-1918, Sig. Boschesi Pietro (last name first). Bologna was usually designated with just a “B” and I would think that if the initials for the full name were given, it would be P.B. and not B.P. The initials “P.B.” might get confused with Pietro Beretta, the Brescia gun manufacturer. I am not into chargers, so I am going by cartridge headstamps here. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so in this case.

These recycled clips were usually used for blank cartridges for training purposes

Yes John, “BP” stand for “Boschesi Pietro”. Bologna factory used these initials on both Carcano cartridges and clips form ca. 1895 to 1923