Carcano charger "L.N C-17" with ammo headstamp "L.N C-17"

According to Fede’s list Italian Capotecnici Initials it may be Leggiadore Nicola. It may be the original ammo since the headstamp in the same as charger. That is mighty cool.

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Nicola Leggiadore was Chief Inspector at Capua Army Ammunition Arsenal for most of WWI; so it is not strange to see his Initials on both Chargers and Cartridges in different WWI years.
Great find, in any case.

Doc AV

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Actually, Leggiadore Nicola never existed, L.N. are the initials of Leggiadro Nestore chief engineer in Capua from 1913 to 1935

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Thanks. I bet Fede will be interested in this information.

Hi Vlad,

The information about “L.N.” identified as “Leggiadro Nestore” came from my list including initials used up to 1913. During this timeframe, he is only listed as the capotecnico of Capua during 1907.

Regarding “Leggiadore Nicola” mentioned in other lists, I have never found anything mentioning this name.



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