Carcano charger "LP 35"

May someone explain to me the logic behind labeling things “932” for the year 1932 and then suddenly going to “35” for the year of 1935 and then going back to “936”. It is not the strangest thing one sees in Italy (I lived in Rome for 3 months and saw 3 different Popes!!). Just curious what that extra “9” does, were they trying not to get confused with “2035”? This piastrina was made by La Precisa near Caserta, Italy. Easy for me to remember, my dentist’s name is Caserta.

Vlad, actually the “9” was added by “La precisa” to clips made after the war.

There exist LP 35 , 36 & 37 ( all steel clips) and LP 950 , 951 & 952 ( brass clips)

I don’t think there’s a particular reason or need

Also SMI used two numbers until 1943 and added the “9” after the war ( 1949 to 1971) , although there exists a “SMI 924”