Carcano charger "M.U.G.943"

I have a Carcano steel charger “M.J.G. 943” or “M.U.G.943” . What is “M.J.G./M.U.G.”? I’ll try to add imaging domani.

The real marking is “M.U.G” and you can find 942 or 943 year.
The clips were plated steel and were used with BPD 6,5 cartridges
At date the meaning of this marking is unknown.

I advise You a couple of links: … UG#p598255 … UG#p594659


Now you can see why I am(was) not sure about this stamp. With what exactly is this steel charger plated? That’s the 1st time I encounter these, usually it is either brass or black painted steel chargers.

MUG 941 also exists.

Vlad, as far we know, MUG 941 ans 943 clips were tin plated steel, whereas MUG 942 clips were nikel plated steel

The 1941 and 1943 dated ones have eluded me so far, but here’s the 1942 version;