Carcano chargers "RR M36"

The upper one says “RR. M-36” and the lower “R.R M36”. And the RR font is quite different. Any meaning to this or just a new bunter?

I am not aware of any special meaning except a different bunter

Pivi - what do the letters “RR” stand for Is it a manufacturer or an inspector?

Acording to my files the meaning of “RR” is still unknown. Maybe Giovanni has some new info about it

Anyway there’s no trace of a “RR” governmente inspector, so I strongly suspect that “RR” identifies a factory. “M” could well stand for the city where that factory was located (Milan?)

I found this lively discussion at Gunboard … 25309.html, basically Peter says nobody knows.

Good Grief !

Courtesy of the internet my past comes back to haunt me.

I believe the ‘M’ stands for Munizioni e Cartucce Martignoni who were based in Genoa. What the ‘RR’ stands for … Peter still doesn’t know.

Happy collecting, Peter

The ‘RR M-(date)’ format is also to be seen on brass clips from 1935;

The identification of ‘M’ as being Martignoni is slightly complicated by there being (at least) Carcano clips from 1941 and 1943 that are marked ‘RR’ but only have a date, the ‘M’ being absent. I have no idea whether these were from Martignoni or not but the format is similar;

I have an 1941 dated one but the marking is faint and visibility is not helped by the phosphate coating.


As far as I know only 4 dates are known with the “RR” mark…

Brass clips made in 1935 and steel clips made in 1936, 1941 and 1943

Back from the dead? I was looking through some stuff, found a norma 6.5 jap cartridge and a Carcano clip marked RR and M-36.