Carcano "INUF 943" tinned charger

I hope it is rather not common. Otherwise, I want my money back, I paid $8.

INUF is a Relatively Unknown in the range of Steel Carcano Clips…The Date ( 1943) would put it either at the end of the Fascist period, or the Beginning of Formal German Occupation, with the Northern Republic (RSI).

Going on Italian usage of Gov’t “Abbreviations”, INUF could stand for “Istituto Nazionale Unione Fabbricatori” ( National Institute of United Fabbricators (Manufacturers)…a “corporatist Fascist Company organisation”???

If Pivi or Redimacchia or Giovanni have any other ideas, please inform us.

Doc AV

The same dealer who sold me this charger had 8-10 brass chargers with “B-20” markings at the same price. How not common are early 1920’s Carcano chargers?

in the 20’s italians had huge quantities of ammo and chargers left from WWI production, so several years passed before italian factories return to large production.
For example no ball loadings from Bologna or Capua from 1919 to 1921 are known, and I have never seen any SMI sample dated from 1921 to 1922. Examples from those years are usually found as blanks or frangible loadings.

Capua and Bologna chargers from the 20’s are not rare, anyway