Carcano needle rifle


Can anyone assist us with pictures and markings of the Carcano M/67 needle-ignition ammunition packet for our research.

In anticipation,

Guy and Leonard A-R-West

You can find details on this Carcano Needle fire rounds in the book "DAL CARCANO AL FAL", by Emanuele Marciano and Marco Morin, edited in Italy in 1974 by Editoriale Olimpia.

On the page 82, 85 they reproduce a chart from the GIORNALE
dated 1868, illustrating the Ball, Hi-Pressure test, Multiball (a metraglia) and Blank cartridges, with their respective packets, as well as the GIORNALE D’ARTIGLIERIA from 1873, GIORNALE D’ARTIGLIERIA E GENIO 1875 and 1877

I think that it is the only work to describe properly these uncommon cartridges.

The Editor address is Via Milton 7, I-50129, FIRENZE, Italy. I suggest you to write them, as they may have some copies left of this excellent book, which covered not only Italian Guns, but also their ammunition…


Philippe Regenstrief,

Thank you for the information regarding our enquiry into Carcano needle ignition ammunition packets.

We are in the process of contacting the address you provided for us.

With thanks,

Guy and Leonard A-R-West

If it does not go right, just let me know (e-mail) and I will manage to make you xeroxes.


It will be hard to find out that book.According to me it is out of stock.
Latest catalogs and website of edizioni olimpia don’t list this book as avaiable item