Carcano .... what are they?


Well Guys its been a long time since I have posted anything on here. I have two rounds which I would like some help in there ID. First is a Brass cased bullet the case has a head stamp of L.B.C. 945 I think this may be a guard round but can not find any info on Carcano Guard rounds.

The other photo is I think a frangible but it does not have any marks on the bullet. it is also shorted than the standard ball round its photoed with. The case has a headstamp of F.P B-28 Many thanks…paul.



Here is a good webpage concerning 6.5mm Carcano bullets:

The first cartridge you show is listed as a post WW2 ball loading, the bullet jacket should be brass plated steel.

The second cartridge may be a short range loading if there a lead bullet core exposed at the tip of the bullet.



Brian… right on both accounts, thank you…paul.


Why would the brass-plated ball bullet have lead exposed at the tip? Is it a jacketed soft point and presumably not intended for military use?


It’s basically a frangible training bullet I believe. Jack


From the look of the bullet I’d agree with you Jack but I am surprised that such an excellent website would class this as a ‘ball bullet’ when they have other sections for frangible and short range training bullets.