Carroll Bullets-Stafford Springs Ct-9mm & 45ACP boxes

I recently ran across the empty box shown below. I thought it was probably a box for bullets, but based on it’s size (3"x2.5"x2.25") is suspect it was loose pack ammunition. I have smaller loose pack boxes that hole 50 rounds of loaded 9x19mm. There were also posts on a forum that indicated they also sold loose bullets, but this box says “CARTRIDGES”

A quick internet check revealed that the company was established in 1984 and closed shortly before March 2004. I also turned up a photo pf a box of their 45ACP ammunition.

I suspect they were a reloader, Has anyone seen their loaded ammunition?

I have not run across this company before.


Lew - there was a CARROLL 45 AUTO headstamp. I have one loaded with what appears to be a TMJ bullet. I had never seen the box for it, nor do I recall ever seeing the headstamp on any other pistol caliber. Doesn’t mean much that I haven’t seen it. The round of .45 I have is the only one ever offered to me and the only one I have seen, although I suspect most .45 fans have it in their collections.


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I have a Carroll box exactly as yours except marked 357 MAG. 160 GR.SWC. It was a range pick-up found with brass WINCHESTER 357 MAG headstamped cases. While I can’t say for sure those cases were original to the box, it’s a good bet they were a loading/reloading outfit as you suggest. Perhaps, as with Master Cartridge, they also had some proprietary headstamped brass made for them as well as using whatever was available?



Here’s a completed listing on Gunbroker for one earlier this month (.357mag). Didn’t appear to sell: … =512311550

Here’s a bulk box for 10mm bullets:

Here Gunbroker’s completed listings reveal the nit-picky nature of Gunbroker’s exacting search engine with a misspelled listing for some 125gr Carroll 9mm bullets:

At least that narrows down finding some potential loaded candidates as 125gr wasn’t too common.

And here’s an Internet Wayback link showing what they used to sell for loaded ammo with lead bullets:

Steve Fuller’s (now Joe G’s.) .45 M-1911 check list shows a .45 ACP headstamp. But it seems no one has it (Bill W. is included on this list) mine is the same as John Moss

Thanks Guys! Interesting input.

John, the 45AP with Carroll headstamp is amazing.

There is a posting on a Forum at from 2009 that a guy had access to a number of cases of this stuff. It would be worth following up if you are in the CT area to see if it has the Carroll headstamp. Joining the Forum and posting a question on this thread may turn up some of this. Tempted myself, and would if I thought it might turn up a 9mmP with a Carroll headstamp. Still, a few boxes if this may still be up there somewhere.

Cartguy sent me a copy of his Carroll 9mm box which was partially full of reloaded cases which I suspect are original. His box is identical to mine but the load is printed on his and indicates a FMJ bullet-pictures below. I greatly appreciate the info he sent along.

Based on my box label, Cartguy’s box and the bullet box DK posted, I suspect my box was full of Lead bullet loads.