Cartridge Auction Tomorrow & Sunday NO RESERVES!

The time has finally come! Wonder where everyone will be this weekend? I’m guessing glued to the computer getting your bid on! at least we hope!.. Enjoy the auction all of you and again, it was amazing to meet most of you at SLICS. Thanks for having us!

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I’m a bit frustrated with the auction site.

  1. it says “you may have won”… Is there some sort of other bidding going on? I thought it was internet only.

  2. At the close of the auction, the bid history is gone. What’s to say the auction house won’t just charge everything up to your max bid??? Will this be disclosed later?

  3. Relating to #2, I want to see what the cartridges I missed out on went for.

Edited: changed a couple of words, added some clarity. I’ve also emailed them.

Send a email to the Auction House with your questions and concerns.
Bob R

Hey Bob, Already replied. Thanks!

Here it is of anyone else had a similar question:
There are no other bidders, and if you were watching the lot close that is the price. You should be able to go to your account tab and it should show winning bids. I confirm the auction after the last lot and then we send out invoices for today’s auction.

Also, our prices realized won’t be shown. Anyone who bought a catalog, and also, anyone who won a lot at this auction, when kim calls to get payment and shipping info, she will ask if you would like a catalog for a discounted price of $25. Everyone with a catalog will get emailed all prices realized.

We are a family business, me and my wife own and operate, and I guarantee NO ONE is running anyone up or trying to bilk any extra dollars out of anyone. Its a no reserve auction, like all of ours and we don’t care what items go for, we list, sell, and ship. No time for BS here, we have 3 more auctions waiting to get set up.

I hope you enjoyed the auction and got some great deals. I’ll send your invoice right after the last lot is sold today.

Thanks, Paul

I just looked further into it, if you click your green “+Bids” tab at the top of the page it will show you your bids winning or outbid. If it shows “may have won” you DID WIN them. The system is waiting for me to invoice all bids. It wants to verify I have no discrepancies. And I dont thus far. What it shows there is your winning bid price. Hope this helps, I know this layout is just a little different then what you guys are used to and takes some getting familiar with. Your bid price WONT change from the price you see on your results.

Apologies for tone. Per my email to you, I was completely surprised by the website hiding all of the info at auction close.

Yup, I can see my max bids on everything, but I can’t see what the items I won actually went for. I have to wait to be called on Monday to find out? What am I missing?

Just got off the phone with Paul at BrandUsed and he was very helpful.

The part about the prices going only to the people who bought the catalog is frustrating. It was done at the request of some cartridge collectors.

There is some issue/limitation with that doesn’t let the user see their own final strike prices, only max bids.

It’s his auction, but I have no idea why some “cartridge collectors” should be able to tell him how he should handle prices realized.

Every successful or unsuccessful bidder or catalog buyer gets a PR in my sales.

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It’s his first “cartridge” auction and the advisers he used suggested he use the catalog with final values to go with it.

Sounds to me like a learning experience.

OK, everyone should have received their results, and their invoices for day one. Day 2 will follow tomorrow after the auction. The website will NOT show prices realized. I do have the option to email everyone after the auction as a bulk emailer, the results of all lots they bid on, including the final winning price. (of only lots you bid on). We will call each and everyone of you come monday for payment info and to verify your shipping address, and offer you another chance at purchasing a color catalog with prices realized at a discounted rate of $25. Thanks to all the bidders who participated in todays auction! See you tomorrow!

Yeah Pete, In our auction it does not show on the internet prices realized. People commonly jot down prices thru the auction, after both days we will send successful and unsuccessful bidders prices realized of lots they participated in. Other than that, they need to get a catalog to get ALL prices of all lots for both days.
No dictating, no learning, this is the way it is set-up.
Hope everyone had a great time today and got some deals on some cartridges they were after!
ready for round two…

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I must say it was exciting to watch the live bidding, that was a really nice feature! There were a lot of items I was watching simply because I wanted to see the final price, but it is a little disappointing to not know without having to buy the book.