Cartridge Auctions: Who are they

Newbie collector here. I have found a few auctions such as gunbroker, Engels and Wards. Are there other auction sites for cartridges especially British?

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Gunbroker is a constant presence website which acts exactly like Ebay, but is basically all gun & ammo related. Anything & everything might show up there, and the sales are all private from individuals, or some licensed dealers sell through Gunbroker as well. You might find the search engine of Gunbroker frustrating since it searches titles and descriptions at all times, with no option to search auction listing titles only. Ebay on the other hand, allows the ability to chose either way, and searching titles only is the default. Basically the Gunbroker search engine is terrible and often returns far too many results. Gunbroker made this change in the past two years and virtually everytone hates it. It makes for more work sifting through categories and refining your search, but Gunbroker does have the most inventory from many sellers anyway. Another smaller website similar to Gunbroker is Gunauction. There are other periodic auction websites such as Engels, Wards, SoldUSA, or Pete DeCoux’s website. The forum thread here shows many places selling collector cartridges - Places to purchase collectible ammo

You can also post here,on the WTB Forum.

Thank you for the extensive list. I will start checking those out.

I am not looking to sell. I am more looking to buy and looking forward to St. Louis.

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But only if you are an IAA member and request permission to do so.

or 1000s available one low shipping cost . :-) New to old.

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Holts, in the UK is mentioned here:

Brand Used Works out of Penrose. CO has a cartridge auction at times. Bill / same sites but set up different. found some good stuff!

Thank you for the leads. I am an impatient collector. :)