Cartridge blogs?


I often look forward to the beginning of each month to read GuyHildebrand’s monthy post ( about a wide variety of Ammunition.

As a beginning collector I love learning about all these interesting and unique samples. It (and this forum) keep my interest up between the journals.

Are there are other good blogs that you all patronize?


There are things like which is not just about ammo but mostly about guns that shoot this calibre. But personally I don’t need any other.


I frequent “”. There are AMMO and CARTRIDGE COLLECTOR forums there.


Thanks Aaron. Where do I send the check.? ;-)


Guy Hildebrand’s site is definitely worth visiting and exploring.

And I won’t accept a check for telling the truth.


Not only does he give good information and pictures included, he also sells collector ammo at prices that are reasonable not over stated like the auctions. I feel the auctions have done us as collectors a disservice it has raised the price on the lower items and can not sell the high price items. Thanks GUY for you site. Vic