Cartridge board restoration

Does anyone know if there is someone who does cartridge board restorations? I received an e-mail from a fellow with an Eley board on which most of the rifle and pistol cartridge cases have developed serious corrosion. He’d like to get it repaired.

Guy–If your friend is looking for museum quality consevation, which will not be cheap, try this site to find someone. It will take you to Conservation OnLine
Resources for Conservation Professionals. Click on “Finding People” for a guide of finding someone to restore the board.

Thanks. A look at the sight revealed nothing even remotely related to cartridges. I imagine there is a political correctness standard to be met before a conservator’s name can be included.

Hi, Guy…I am not sure this will get you any closer…but…years ago I sold a 1907 UMC board (lithograph, no actual cartridges, with the ducks flying through snow), to Soldusa…and they claimed it needed restoration…and that they employed a person who was an expert…possibly contact them ??..Randy

Guy–You are not likely going to find a conserver that specializes in cartridges. However, what you want is people that are experts at paper conservation for the background and someone who specializes in metals and corrosion removal. It makes no difference if the metals are cartridges or teapots, the technique will be the same. Call a local museum or the Smiththorian in Washington and ask to be referred to someone. You can also call the Cody Museum in Wyoming. I’m sure they would know someone qualified.

Thanks. I’ll pass these suggestions on to the owner.