Cartridge Books and others

While I was frantically looking for a set of three Colt Pocket Books, I found several books I do not remember having [this seems to be getting worse?] although, in my defense, they were on shelves I have not perused in several [20?] years. Yes, I know how that sounds! Please enjoy…

“Centerfire Pistol and Revolver Cartridges, New and Revised Edition, Vols I &II”, 1967
“Digest of Cartridges for Small Arms Patented in The United States, England, and France 1878” [Museum Restoration Service, 1977]
“Gibbs’ Cartridges and Front Ignition Loading Techniques”, 1991
“Small Caliber Ammunition Identification Guide (U) Volume 1 Small Arms Cartridges Up To 15 mm (U)”, U.S. Army 1981

These two I list because I have one serious pet peeve:
There has NEVER been a “.45 Long Colt” cartridge, at least not before the ammo & arms makers started labeling it thus about 15 years ago, because of stupidity of consumers confusing the ‘.45 COLTS’ cartridge with the ‘.45 ACP’ cartridge:
“Western Ammunition for Rifle, Revolver and Shotgun”, 1929
“March 1891 Winchester Repeating Arms”, Catalogue, (reprint by W. A. O’Hare, Providence R.I., date unknown)

For the Historical buff:

And for the Military/EOD/Firearms junkies out there, some not actually cartridge items:

Reprint of TM 9-1910:

And the Wierd:

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And the really strange and totally unrelated book:
The cover photo has NOT been altered, printed in 1939

Nublend powder?

What is so strange about the photo book cover? I have to ask as it has nothing to do with ammunition and I’m a photographer.

Digest of Cartridges for Small Arms Patented in The United States, England, and France 1878” [Museum Restoration Service, 1977]
This book & other versions of it has the number for the French patents completely wrong. The authors used another set of number associated with the patends thinking they were the number registered for the patent.

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Look closely at the guy looking at film, it looks eerily like a young Adolph Hitler…

I still have my Blue Jackets Manual. Signed by 8 Marine Corps Commandants, 2 Sec Navy and Pres. G.W. Bush. While attending MC Birthday balls in DC over the years.

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That is pretty cool, care to post a picture?

Currently in FL. When I get back in Apr. I’ll post pics.

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I do not have it first-hand, but, for what it’s worth (not much), I have heard from some printed form that some of Colt’s old print ads or catalogs did call it a .45 Long Colt, at least once. Whether they did or did not, it makes no difference. I find that the longer I collect cartridges that I’ve found that the less I seem to really know.

Ahhh, the pleasures of discovery … and re-discovery.

I moved in 2018, putting everything into storage, retrieving it all last March when I bought a house and now I’ve got upwards of 30 large packing crates full of books that are waiting for shelves to put them on … about 20 of those boxes were filled from the shelves just before moving, the others were boxed up and put in the attic over the previous 25 years as I ran out of shelf space … and haven’t really been investigated since.

I’m fidgety with excitement at the thought of being re-introduced to my library.


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And if you have a memory like mine, it’s all brand new again! I tell people I have a mind like a steel sieve - nothing stays in it!