Cartridge books?

I was wondering if anybody knew of any books which might have been published specifically on the 9mm (9x19), or .38 special? Like any reference books with headstamps, and historical info on everything up to at least the 1980’s or later? I figured anything like this might be a small project of limited run since I can’t find anything online.

Lew Curtis published a book on 9mm headstamps - he is the author as well as a two volume set by Otto Witt on the .38/357 Magnum headstamps. Anyone collecting pistol cartridges should not be without these books. there is no substitute for them from any other source.

I will not give his personal email here - you must PM me if you want it. However, I think that somewhere on this IAA Website, perhaps in his review article on 9mm on this site, you might find the website address for “Gig Publications,” his own firm.

I have well over 1500 books on guns and ammunition in my library, not counting commercial catalogs or military manuals and reports, and I can tell you there is no sinble source on either caliber you mentions that can even touch the two books above. In both instances, they are probably prepared by the most knowledgeable collectors in the world about the respective subjects.

You can direct link to Curtis off of his IAA Website article (just go to IAA Home from this Forum) on "Introduction to 9mm Luger Cartridges), as I thought you could. I just checked.

Thanks, Do you know what the publish dates are roughly on those. I was just wondering how recent the sorts of cartridges covered were.

The 9mm work is sold in sections and started some years ago, but it a work in progress. The .38 Book was published last year, or perhaps even this year. It is very current.