Cartridge carbine cal.30 , primed

I found this nice box at the SLICS
I like to have some more info about this box ?



I hate to see any post go unanswered so I’ll bump it back to the top.

There was a recent thread on “Calibration Components” that you can search. I’m not sure if you are looking for detailed information about your particular box or simply calibration components in general.

I have seen cases, bullets, and cartridges marked as “Calibration” but once they are out the box the marking is worth absolutely zero dollars in my opinion. They are one of those things that have value only as a sealed box.

That is a nice box, BTW. I wish it was mine.


I agree with Ray that the box has more value sealed. It is a shame, because the sealed box, while a treasure just for the label (as it would be if it were empty), should have tremendously reduced interest for the serious student of ammunition especially in the case of boxes where they are the only ones known (I don’t know how many of these carbine boxes are known, by the way, and am not speaking to that issue). The fact is, in the sealed box, without corroboration from some other opened box, we have zero idea what the contents look like at all. One cannot even definitely speak to the headstamp.

I am glad that the .45 boxes are not sealed. My .45 Calibration Companents box from 21 July 1948, for example, have empty primer cases with headstamp date F A 47, NOT F A 48. My claibration components box from 9 May 1951 DOES have cases of F A 51 headstamp. In both instances, they are steel cases and have a domed copper primer cup.

It is a shame, although a reality of collecting, that sealed, full boxes hold such an interest and value, since they really interfere with a scholarly study of ammunition in many cases, which is why I carefully slice open most sealed boxes I get for my collection, and reduce the contents to one item to avoid future damage to the box if it is ever dropped. The value-loss is my heir’s problem.


Thanks my friends !!