Cartridge case (kind of...?) ?!?

Cartridge case (kind of…??) or WHAT… ?!?





Tis is a Russian designed, electric primed “PP-9” (or one out of this series) CAD.
Made by several countries and used in many applications.
Some are holding a propelling charge or special ignition compositions and some are just the electric primer with empty body.
Often used in aircraft and also as igniter for rocket motors.


Thank you.
So…nothing about WW2…;-( (strange somehow: I found a few like this one…almost in the same place…!?!)

I do not have a WW2 doc covering it but these were also used in M13 (132mm) MLRS “Katyusha” rockets.
So this could be also WW2 to my understanding.

Interesting information !
I don’t have any other explanation for so many “electric cartridges” (like this one…) almost in the same place…maybe a “Katyusha” have fired from that place (or from nearby…) .
But… could only soviets used this type of cartridge… ?

When fired these are installed in the rockets, means they fly away.
But as said these are used in a multitude of applications. So could be many other options here.

Soviets or anybody who used Soviet armament.

Infantry guns where could this cartridge have been used…??

Not at all!