Cartridge case...not sure ID

Hi guys !

Here is a Mannlicher cartridge case that I want to identify…

I know…it’s a romanian Mannlicher cartridge but…what is the “8A.” (from ‘6 o’clock’)…?!?

8×50R mm or 6,5×53 R mm…?!?

Thank you.

Not BA but 8 A…8mm Austrian.(?Austriac )
PA is Pirotecnia Armateli, or Army Pyrotechnical factory.
30 is 1930.
For confirmation, 8mm base is .490", rim is.565"
The 6,5x53R is base .450" and rim .530"
Case length 8mm Mann. 50mm, 6,5 Mann. 53mm

Where found? In Romania or elsewhere?

Doc AV

Romania, a former combat area from WW2…before 23 august 1944…

Metric system pls… ;-)

Multiply the inch figures by 25.4 and you get the millimeter values.

Doc is right on this one. The 8A indicates the cartridge is an Austrian 8 m/m M93 round. Jack

p.s. I see Brian beat me to it on this one; I’ll just leave it