Cartridge casing identification

Hi I found this on the beach in the Solent Estuary and was wondering if anyone could help to identify it.

The measurements are:
Rim diameter 16mm
Base (above rim) 14mm
Neck diameter 12mm
Length to shoulder 37mm
Length to neck 43mm
Length to indent on neck 55mm
Length 60mm -but the top looks corroded
Headstamp markings look like K at the top and IV at the bottom - although it’s pretty worn down and hard to tell

I looked up the measurements on the cartridge-corner website and the closest I could find was the 11.5mm Spanish Reformado -1867 but not sure what that would be doing in the Solent Estuary, Southampton, UK

K=Kynoch ? Maybe it washed out from Porton Down :)

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oh cool thank you! looks like it could be the .450 nitro for black powder used for game hunting

Most likely a .45" Gardner-Gatling although the Mk IV should have a caselength of 62mm so this is a little short. I’ve not seen one with a Kynoch headstamp but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there. These were used by the Royal Navy so that would explain what its doing in the Solent.

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oh perfect thank you! That does look right, the neck looks fairly mangled so definitely could have started out as 62mm and I just found this older post that mentioned that a .45 Gardner-Gatling had a K IV headstamp!