Cartridge Christmas tree ornament?


Has anyone seen a Christmas tree ornament made with cartridges?

I’ve been tasked with making one for my Nephew as a “gag gift” to hang on his tree at college.

I want to use 9x19mm and 7,9x57mm Mauser (his favorite calibers).

Any ideas?



knock the primers out and run a monofilliment line through the case with a knot on one end they actually make a nice wind chime the different lengths will resonate at different notes and the type of material the case is made from will also give you a different tone. Have done this with rifle cart. vic


The liberal college atmosphere might not be the best place to display holiday ammo cheer. The kid might get run out on the rails.


I’m soooo gonna buy some!



Very cool! Now that should bring anyone some Christmas cheer!

I recall as a youngster giving one of my first “cartridge mentors” a little Christmas gift that brought a smile to his face after I explained what it was. In a canister for a base, properly trimmed with holiday colors and ballasted with birdshot was a suitable end of a tree limb with no leaves. From the limb was hung a .30-06 cartridge, bullet pointing down with the string passing through two holes I had drilled for this purpose near the head. After allowing him to admire it for a while with a confused look on his face, I wished him a Merry Christmas and the hope that he enjoyed his “Cartridge in a Bare Tree”.




Also, you could just use a factory board dummy, and put one of the little wire Christmas ornament hangers through the holes?


Ha! that’s great! =)


When I was in college, I used a fired 106mm recoilless case as a Christmas tree. I wrapped some lights and a garland around it and then hung ornaments from the holes in the case.

I have a set of the shotgun shell lights that Aaron posted. They are definitely unique!


My thoughts exactly as I was reading the first post. From some of the stories i have read they will have him hauled off by the FBI as a “domestic terrorist”.


My wife would never let me hang them on the tree. But I’m definitely going to make some by next year for my den.
I’m going to have to be a bit careful though because my only plentiful source of that many different coloured shotgun cases would be Bisley and they have a rule that no fired shotgun case are to be removed from the bins.(more political correctness).

I will have to task my 14 year old son with getting them, I can always say that its hard to stop kids collecting cartridges. After all thats how a lot of us got started.