Cartridge Collecting 39 years ago-who can name them?

Photo from the Chicagoland Show-1976. At least a couple of these guys are still around and one is active on the Forum! Except for the sideburns it could be SLICS 2015


Lew, Looks like the guy in the brown sweater and yellow shirt collar, on the right bending over the table, is John Munnery. Is that you showing him a 9mm? I’m tempted to think the guy standing up on the left is John Moss, but not sure. My first Chicagoland shown, the last one in Mundeline, was 1977.

O.K. Fairly easy for me. The guy standing on the left is now a fat little pissant known as John Moss. Mel had him right for sure. The guy standing on the right is John Munnery. The guy sittlng at the left is Werner Schaltenbrand, Switzerland (R.I.P.). The fellow bending over the table is not well known to cartridge collectors. He was one of my dearest friends, William Walter Ziegler II, who just for something to do on his vacation, went to a couple of the old Chicagoland Cartridge Shows with me. He had a wonderful gun collection, and dabbled a little in cartridges suitable for guns he owned. After losing his job as a Chief Inspector for a United States Steel plant in South San Francisco, due to Plant closure, rather than have to resettle somewhere else, he went to work at the S.F. Gun Exchange, with me. After the store closed, unfortunately, he passed away. We have planned to do a lot of things when we retired together. It just didn’t work out. A life lesson, for sure.

I just can’t see enough of the face to identify the fellow sitting at the right.

Mel, Not me. In 1976 I was in England! I don’t recognize the guy in the white shirt either.


the person sitting on the right side might be danny dietz (New Jersey)