Cartridge Collecting: The first year


I hope this is of interest:

Tomorrow, Jan 1st 2007, will mark the end of my first year of serious cartridge collecting. I’ve always had the odd round knocking about and would occasionally buy a round that looked unusual, over the years I’d ended up with about 300 rds of mostly the bread and butter rounds, 7.62 X 54, 51,39, 30-06, .303, 9mm, .45 etc etc and I had asked a couple of questions on the IAA site when I couldn’t ID the headstamp. Mostly with the rounds I had I could pick any one up and know it’s calibre and who made it and the tip colour would give a clue as to it’s type but that was all.

Last January I decided to take it seriously, so I joined the IAA and ECRA, The IAA & ECRA Journals are full great articles and information.
I’ve been to one Cartridge Show, which amazed me to see just how many different rounds there are out there, the number of Cartridge books I have has gone from 1, Cartridges of the World, to 29 on various types and calibres. The collection has jumped from 300 to 1200.

I have met other Cartridge Collectors in person and via the internet, all these people have been really nice and have given me valuable information and help. I have traded rounds all over the world and made great contacts.

I am more interested in collecting now than a year ago, the problems I have are that I still haven’t settled down to collecting one type or calibre and anything I haven’t got I want !!! , having spent hours writing the calibre on each round I now realise I need to adopt a numbering system of some sort, the last real major problem I have is I seem to be somewhat deficient in the amount of money I’d like to spend on Cartridge Collecting so please send large amounts of cash to Simon at… ;-)

So, I look forward to another year collecting and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

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Good for you. I cannot celebrate a year of concentrated seriuos ammo collecting but I think I never shall. My motto “whatever falls into my hand, I collect”. Since I really collect guns, ammo info leads me to photos and knowledge of guns (many I’ll never have). I just came up with a way to catalog my stuff (photo below). One of you asked me which cartridges I had and I realized that what I had was boxes and piles of ammo with no way to tell what is what. So now I put a label with headstamp info and write more on the label’s back. I still don’t know how to catalog many boxes for trade purpose. Don’t complain about the cost, look at collectable gun prices. And don’t complain about storage space, try to collect helmets, that will give you storage headache. Happy New Year, Prospero Ano Nuevo, S Novim Godom, Glucklishes Neues Jahr, Bon Annee, Felice Nuovo Anno, Verheugt Nieuwjaar, Hyvaa Uutta Vuotta!!! (Did I miss a language, sorry)


sksvlad - putting adhesive labels directly on specimens (as it appears you’ve done in the photo) can cause negative impacts down the road - particularly uneven aging of the surface.

That is NOT a criticism, just a word of caution. Better to keep an unattached label with them or to label a container. Different people use different approaches, but marking specimens directly can - and usually will - affect specimens after the passage of time. About the worst, of course, is using indelible ink on a paper patch .




NO reason to remove your post! Sharing is what this site is all about!

The site, the hobby and the IAA are all open to all levels of participants.

Every one of us started with that first specimen. I know I kept the one which started it all, even if it is in a category which I abandoned several years ago.



Actually, I think I’ll start a new thread on that - I’d like to hear what the first cartridge people had (the one that started it all) was.


Actually, labels in the photo are not on the cartridges. I just rolled them and they are wrapped around. The labels carry more info in the back (arsenal, factory,names etc) so I can lift them and read the back. There is a bit of distance in between.


Sorry, left on language out-LA MULTI ANI. this one is for Liviu, my Romanian is REAL rusty.