Cartridge collection database software --Must see!

I was looking into the Cartwin software and had mentioned it in another thread. It is really amazing database software with powerful tools, except for the fact that it is over $1300.00! I did a quick search on Ebay and came across this database software which is meant for weapon collectors, but which I think would function fine for having a basic cartridge database with photos:

It allows for user-defined fields, and the existing fields can all be redefined with more cartridge specific categories like headstamp, powder, case metal, core type, bullet type, ect… Of course you can write any info in the notes section and have any number of photos. It has 30 user-defined feature checkboxes, and also has a neat section for tracking the history of the cartridges with dates - so you’ll never forget where you got that rare cartridge from 10 years ago! The link above allows you to download a demo program for free to try it out (only allows 25 entries) [color=#FF0000]and the full program is only $30.00! [/color] Most importantly for many ammo collectors - it is easy to use and all the functions as far as filling in fields, redefining fields and adding photos is all very obvious. I just bought a copy after trying the demo. I must sound like an advertisement for the software, but I knew nothing of it before doing a quick search 30 minutes ago!

Another note - I know from seeing other collectors’ database software that porting a program over from one system to another can be difficult and I’ve seen very old computers being hung onto for system compatibility to that end. If you get this software I would recommend saving the initial setup file (dtarmset) and any subsequent saved databse files to a CD or thumb drive so that you can reload the whole thing on a new computer if yours should crash & die.


This looks to be a very good piece of software and it may well be the program that I’ve been waiting for to organise my 4000 cartridge photographs. I’ve downloaded the trial version and it certainly seems straight forward enough to use. Thanks for posting Matt.

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Some more clarity on CartWin.

This month is the new version of CartWin published. The retail price is € 1399, - excl. VAT. This applies for both CartWinPro and CartWin for collectors licenses.
For individuals who are member of the Dutch NVBMB, or other affiliated associations as the ECRA or the IAA, there is a very special discount. These members pay only € 199, - incl. VAT. approx 260,00 for the CartWin for collectors edition. Members who have already a CartWin for collectors license can upgrade to this version for only € 50, - incl. VAT. approx 65,00.

Information only trough

CartWin for Collectors
CartWin for Professionals

Your CartWin Teammember,
René Jousma

Ok, that is a very significant discount and makes a major difference! Thanks for that info.

Is CartWin for Collectors still available?

I clicked on the link and the page i active, did not go further because I need to run, give it a try.

Thanks for thr reply. Please let me know if it works for you.

Addresses still valid as in my post of august 10, 2010.
Prices are not.