Cartridge collection photos

The link below should take you to my recently completed photo gallery of my collection…



Very nice!

Real Nice, Jim…

WESTERN 20, 7.62 x 54R, I had heard was a contract for Finland but could be incorrect.
These are Berdan primed and I have one awaiting sectioning. Two tiny holes in the base of the case as opposed to one big one. I will post a picture here when sectioning is complete.



Very good, in my bookmarks folder for future reference already. No wonder I haven’t heard from you for so long, must of taken some time taken all these photos.


John P

Can you come and “do” my collection ??? :)

What a phenomenal effort and accomplishment !!!

Everyone should be jealous.


Fantastic job I also have you book marked for future refrence

No no, not jealous! Astonished, surprised, wondered…what an achievement!

I’d like to print calibers of interest (to reference and correct my mistakes)…but does not seem to format well on first blush. Likely users errot (me) but could be my set up as well ?

You can save each individual picture and print them or do whatever it would appear. Also, for specific cartridges you can open their pictures in new tabs/windows.

Taken directly from the gallery:

Link to picture straight from gallery:

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What an amazing work!!! I tried to do the same without the same result! Please, give me your secrets to do so perfect pictures!!

Nice pictures, a lot of work gone into those, indexing is a nightmare every time I do it it doesn’t work how I want it too and I start again. Well done.

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Hi Jim!

I have only been hoovering the surface of your work, it is most superbly done! I will take a great joy of digging down in your findings. I believe to of found some small corrections for the Swedish items, I will send you a PM when I found the time to dig down a bit deeper.

This will really give me a good time looking through!


Fantastic work and a wonderful collection. Having just catalogued my collection in an Access database, I can appreciate the time taken to photograph each specimen.

My only comment is that Australian SAAF factory that you (and many others) have listed as “Welchpool” is actually “Welshpool”, which is a industrial area in the Perth suburbs.

Thank you all for your feedback, compliments, criticisms and corrections. Please be aware that I am making notes of all the corrections for my own records and photo library, however, I am not in a position to amend the actual photographs showing on the website at this time. Basically this is because I am technically incompetent and will have to wait for my son to come over for a stay during which time he will figure out how to correct the errors displayed.

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Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I have my work cut out for me.

Jim - well done. Great work. -Ger

Nice collection and a lot of work! Thanks for posting.

Amazing job! Congratulations!