Cartridge collection to be auctioned April 20


We are selling a nice cartridge collection Friday April 20 in Topeka KS. Absentee bids are welcome. 200+ cartridge lots include thousands of individual rounds.

A full list of all cartridges is posted here:

The home page for the auction is

We hope to have a limited number of print catalogs available at the IAA meeting in St. Louis this weekend. A catalog can be ordered for $8 from 913-492-3000. (The catalog has the same info as the website).

I hope this posting is appropriate here. If not, please accept my apologies, & I will delete it if possible.

Thanks – Jim Supica
Old Town Station, Ltd.
Kull & Supica Firearms Auction


A link for online bidding is now available for our Friday April 20 cartridge collection auction.

This is the first time we’ve accepted absentee bids online, so this is a bit of a “beta” version. If you have difficulties using it, absentee bids are also accepted by fax, and phone bidding may be arranged if requested in advance.

Thanks! – Jim Supica, Kull & Supica Auction.


Will online bidding be “live” or is the e-bid an electronic submission form? Thanks!


Christopher, sorry for the slow response, and I realize it’s too late now, but…

the on-line bidding is a way to submit absentee bids, the same as if they were mailed or faxed. We conduct real-time live non-internet auctions. When bidders request by fax, mail or online, we place their absentee bids for them as if they were there bidding.

Thanks for the inquiry. – Jim.

PS - Prices realized should be posted on within a week of today’s sale. - J.


Prices realized for our Kull & Supica April 20 & 21 auction are now posted at

Thanks to all who participated! – Jim Supica