Cartridge confiscated by teacher in London high school

I saw a news article about an exhibition of items confiscated from students by a London teacher over 15 years of his career.

In some photos of the items I noticed some cartridges. Before anyone says it, no, they weren’t mine. I was able to find a close-up on another site via google images.

The item on the left looks to be a .55 Boys WII Projectile. The middle is almost certainly a spent 7.62 Nato case. However, the round on the right has me wondering.

It could just be a dug up 7.62 Nato case with some sort of corroded RN projectile. However, to me it looks like it could be smaller calibre. Now I want to see the headstamp.

Lots of “found” cartridges in the UK. When I was on exchange with the RAF at HQ Strike Command, we lived in the RAF quarters at Booker near Marlow. This was the old airfield that supported Bommer Command. A Lancaster had crashed in the woods across the field from housing while trying to land one night. My two boys (age 10 & 12 at the time) heard about it from some of the people at the airfield so carried the metal detector over and began looking. They brought back a box full of assorted metal and panels, all with camouflage and or info painted on them and about 20+ rounds of 303 ammo. The ammo was very interesting. Some had mouth folded over at 90 degrees and the bullet gone. Some had the bullet pushed back into the case against the cordite, and some were simply empty with both the bullet and cordite gone. It was easy to see that the three configurations were determined by the direction the weapon/ammo was pointed when the bomber impacted the ground.

I was surprised at the amount of ammo the boys found around the area of the airfield, much of it around a series of old bunkers.

I suspect the boys who brought the items above to school found it much the same way.

Long time ago.


Falcon - I don’t know the length of the Boys projectile, so not sure, but the middle case and the right cartridge may be 7.9 x 57 mm cases. The one on the right looks like a standard Platzpatrone 33 (Blank Model 1933), possibly loaded in a copper-washed steel case, although sometimes slightly corroded brass, in a picture, can take on the look of CWS. Just some thoughts on the matter. I could be wrong, since there is nothing (I am experienced with) for size comparison in the picture.

Lew: I know Booker airfield well. When I was around 9 years old my parents used to drive me over there to watch the light aircraft and helicopters.

John: A Boys W2 projectile is around 50mm in length. I held a 7.92x57 case up to the screen next to the photo until the case heads were about equal size. The proportions are wrong for 7.92x57.