Cartridge cross-sections for displays

One of the favorite items in my collection is a rifle cartridge, done in compound section. The markings indicate it was from the CETME rifle program (the section is from Richard Geer’s collection; as soon as I figure out the pic-posting thing, I’ll get a pic or 2 up).

I use sections in my classes, and even on the most common cartridge they’re a very valuable visual aid. I prefer sections that also bisect the bullet, as other posters here have listed.

Does anyone where I can send cartridges/bullets in the US to have them sectioned? I found a collector who did a number of VERY clean, symmetrical sections on exotic pistol rounds, but he was OCONUS and the shipping would have been either prohibitive or prohibited.

I’d like to get at least 10-20 of the cartridges in my collection (the ones I have multiple examples of) sectioned. Thanks in advance for any help. I don’t have the time to do it myself…a few ‘trial runs’ on some common ammo have shown that I also lack the patience and skill.



You’ll find a lot of sectioned cartridges scattered about in different threads on the Forum. A search will turn up most of them.

Go to the IAA Home Page. On the left, click on Cartridge Of The Month and you’ll see many of Paul Smith’s creations. He’s the guy you want to contact. He’s a Forum member. He hides behind the moniker “Paul Smith”


All I can say is thank goodness I have photo ID.

Hi Mwinter - I do a lot of commission sectioning, but because I live in Canada and don’t get to the CONUS that often, I pick-up and deliver annually at the St. Louis meeting. Contact me by pm if you wish.

I just finished one of the 7.62 CETME’s of the type you posted…

Is this the CETME 7,62 box from your cartridge ?


Not sure about the box; I bought the cartridge already sectioned from another collector.

I’ll post the headstamp and list the handwritten markings on the cartridge when I get home in a day or 2.

The casestamp reads: P 58 76

Handwritten on the case: “7.62x51 CETME, CSP-003, mod. 1957, made by Carlos G. L.”