Cartridge data and list: Google doc database for all!

Hi Everyone, a while ago I sent out my list of cartridge data and have gotten a lot of interest in it. My goal is to try to get as much data in one place that we can all sort, search, track, etc. You all have massive amounts of data in your heads that I would love to get into one place. As my first attempt to share this information and create a “community database” I’ve created a Google Doc spreadsheet with all the information. Anyone who sends me their email address can see, sort, copy, etc the data. If you have a gmail account you can edit the information (correct data, add missing data, add cartridges not listed, etc.) I would love for this to become like a Wiki page where the community corrects and adds data to get a list as complete as possible and for it to become a community resource. You can always sign up for a free gmail account that you only use to edit this spreadsheet.Cartridge List by Name.pdf (981.9 KB)

Please send me your email address if you are interested in participating!
Joel Hayes

Here is a link. Let me know if you can use this to access the document without me inputting your email address…

Joel, this worked for me (read only).

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Thank you, that is quite a list. Vic