Cartridge dimensions for 120mm?

I have been unable to find dimensions for 120mm ammunition for Rheinmetall-derived tank cannons. Is there anyone here who might be able to help me out? In particular, I am looking for the base diameter.

Rim diameter 169mm, case length 553mm.

Thank you.

Any idea what the base diameter is?

Sorry, don’t have that info.

Alright. Thank you for your time.

For € 5.-- you can buy one.


I can’t get a direct measurement, as my 8" caliper is at work, so I hope the following helps you.
Using my APFSDS-T, M829A3 case
Just above the rim (on mine) there is a short “belt” and I hope my descriptive method helps you
I’m starting at the rim edge and working in from there (IOW start with Mr. Williams rim diameter and subtract 2x my dimension to get diameter), using the depth gauge end of my caliper

Rim to “belt”, .126" (IOW: .252" smaller than the rim)
“Belt” to base, .067" (IOW: .134" smaller than the “belt"
From the “breach face” to the front of the rim .200
From the “breach face” to the front of the belt .349”

So that’s 159.25mm base diameter.

Thank you.