Cartridge display auction find - great deal!

I just acquired these displays at an auction for $200 total, which I think was a great price. Unfortunately they were mounted in an oak display case so the lead is pretty badly corroded. I will de-mount all of the cartridges and clean them up and build a new display case for them.


The price seems to be good and I see some nice cartridges there.
Like the .45-70 bullet-less blank with flutes in the upper case section and the knurled rim.

The wood that was used to make this display is not suitable and it’s vapors are destroying the lead!
**If you keep the cartridges inside there (thoise with exposed lead) will be totally ruined sooner or later. **
The effect is already significant!

VERY nice - Congrats!

Alex that is a Peters shot load for Riots as stated on the 5 round box

Some goodies in that bunch Joel, good on ya! And as Alex advised get them out of those displays

Pete, thank you for setting this straight!
Really a nice cartridge - despite me obviously not knowing anything about .45-70.

Thanks guys. I am pulling all the cartridges off and trying to clean them up a little.

Right so, just do not put them back into this display case.

Very nice acquisition, well done but as everyone is saying, keep away from wood if you can but certainly from Oak at all costs.

Could this display be salvaged by painting or varnishing (thick) to seal the wood? Or are the ‘fumes’ still going to be released & cause damage?

Yeah, I won’t put them back. Oak is definitely the worst since it is very acidic with lots of tannin. The displays I make wood, but I use walnut, mahogany, or other hardwoods and coat them with polyurethane, which is a good sealer. Also, they are made to hang on the wall and are open air so the cartridges are not subject to the same conditions as these were. These were put in a case that folded shut so they sat for years in a closed environment surrounded by oak.

Your choice of wood is good and sealing them is good but leave the back open so the wood can breath. I did a write-up in another topic about wood storage draws/cabinets with information I had obtained from the British museum site when I was doing some storage draws, in the end I now have only steel.

Hope this might be useful.


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