Cartridge Display - suggestions?


I have a general collection of about 500+ cartridges (and growing). They are currently in small zip-lock bags (3x5) that are stored in boxes. What is the best way to display them.

I’ve been looking in used furnature stores for cabinets with 10 or more sliding drawers, but have been unsuccessful. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but want something presentable.



Welcome aboard, djs! Glad to have you join us!

Actually, this is a challenge all of us face. Most, in time, find or make a suitable cabinet. I’ve seen dental office cabinets, map and print file cabinets, printer’s cabinets, spool (as in sewing) chests and many varieties of made-to-order articles.

Personally, I’ve contacted several manufacturers to ask if they would consider a custom order to produce some metal cabinets to specification. No bites.

Many years ago, one of the major cartridge dealers of the time took on a franchise to sell the perfect cabinet for our needs (made for small maps); he had dozens of them to house his own extensive collection and man, they were nice! I kept putting it on the back burner because they were pretty darn expensive even though I could have picked it up and saved the freight (which can add enormously to the price). That’s one of the things I would change in my life if I had a time machine.

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The one thing I would emphasize is that if you have any caseless rounds, get 'em out of those plastic bags!



May I suggest a slightly different but much cheaper display approach. Look below. These are semi-transparent hard plastic sturdy stackable locking 100 cell boxes. Each cell may be identified by letter-number system (see x-y grids inside the box). Each box takes 100 rounds. Your entire present collection will fit into 5 boxes. Again, these are medical or bio-research blood sample shipping containers.