Cartridge displays - is there enough interest out there?

Hi Everyone, I wanted to gauge peoples interest in buying cartridge displays to display their collections on walls where they can be seen and enjoyed. I’ve been putting a lot of work into making displays for my own collection, and a huge amount of time goes into designing the plaques and getting the display dimensions right. I would like to have all this work enjoyed by others as well as myself. I wanted to see if there is enough interest out there for me to build more to sell them?

Please let me know what your interest would be in the following:

  1. Buying just the laser engraved plaque (say $10 each)
  2. Buying a completed display (I was thinking $75 for a display for one magnum set, $150 for 2, $225 for all three)
  3. Are there enough people that would want them with cartridges included to justify me buying full boxes of the cartridges? (I was thinking $150 for a complete display of one magnum set with cartridges)
  4. I am planning on making additional displays based on the following:
    -Specialty hunting: Apex, A-Square, Ballard, Barnes, Dakota Arms, E.A. Vom Hofe, Eley, Gibbs, Griffen & Hower, Hawk, H&H, Howdah Jurras, Howell, Purdey, Rigby, etc.
    -The Big Manufacturers: Colt, S&W, Winchester, Remington

Basically I’m trying to see if I should just continue to enjoy this as my own hobby or if these displays are worth enough to spend more time and effort to make additional ones for sale.

I appreciate any feedback!


That’s really cool! They look great. If I had a man cave with plenty of wall space I’d be a for sure customer, however I’m currently in a small bungalow with a wife who probably wouldn’t appreciate them as much as I would.

What are the specifications for laser engraving?

What types of wood would you use?

I would not mind having a nice display rack to replace my Linotype drawers, but cash is scarce.
I think most people woulld be interested in generic racks to display the cartridges already in their collections.

Thanks for the feedback. I typically use walnut or mahogany finished with polyeurathane. For the writing I use a black lacquer coated gold anodized aluminum sheet that is made for laser engraving. The laser removes the black lacquer to leave behind gold letters.


Part of the problem might be that many collections would have either too much room or not enough for particular manufacturers. However, yours are beautiful !!!

THESE ARE INCREDIBLE! Incredible! What a piece of craftsmanship. Major talent and skills. Love them. Can you make them up to 125mm for INERT tank rounds :-)

If I had a substantial small arms collection, I would be all over buying these to display them.

PS: Really Nice!