Cartridge drawings

Just found this link. Can’t vouch for the accuracy but lots of drawings and dimensions.

There are also some over at
Greg, the owner of that board, is a good guy.

Rimfire - I just took a look at the drawing of the 9x18mm Makarov case, since that caliber is a very special interest field for me, collecting everything to do with the Makarov, including guns, accessories, ammo and ammo boxes, and the specifications given were within specs I would say.

It is the same old problem of measuring one cartridge and giving the specs in a single number (for each measurement) rather than as a spread. It can’t take into account manufacturing tolerances.

I measured my Russian cartridge made at Lugansk (Ukraine) in 1953, which are the earliest known serial-production rounds for production Makarov Pistols, and most of the measurements were slightly lower than those shown. I took this round because it would have established the measurements for the fullproduction cartridge. There are earlier ones, which I do not have, made in 1949 (and perhaps 948) for the Russian trials, but none was available for measurement, and rounds could possibly have changed for the serially-produced Makarov Pistols, although I don’t know that.

I would imagine that in the main, the drawings on the site you referenced are probably quite decent.

Steves Pages is a very popular site that most shooters flag and use. He has a lot of good links and many publications that can be downloaded. He does it mostly for fun although he will take donations to help defray some of his costs.

A really nice guy, BTW.

Most of his cartridge drawings are based on samples that he has measured hisself. As John said, there is the problem of measuring one cartridge and giving the specs for that one cartridge only. Factory cartridges are not really a problem but you have to be very careful with the wildcats.


You can download the CIP drawings in pdf format in one large zip file from

It took me a little time to figure out what all the files were but once I got everything organized it has been a fun source of information.

From the CIP site, the only drawing I can seem to come up with is for the 7.65mm automatic. I can’t find anyway to access each and every caliber separately. I have most of the CIP Drawings, but I am told there is now a CIP page for the 9mm Makarov, and I would love to get that one set of specs and the drawing.


I sent the 9mm Makarov page by email.