Cartridge drawings

I beg your pardon in avance if this question do not belongs here. In that case, please move it.

Im looking for advice on a program to draw cartridges.
A program that can draw any cartridge to use the draw in my articles for a gun magazine.

Thank you very much


Are you looking to produce dimensional drawings only or do you wish to also generate picture-like renderings of cartridges?

There are many programs for doing dimensional drawings that are similar to AutoCAD and I wouldn’t doubt there might be free or trial versions of lower end programs available on the internet.

If you wish to generate models of cartridges (from which dimensional drawings may also be made) there are several 3D software products that are popular. I use SolidWorks and it works well for this use. More complicated to use, but basic renderings are fairly easy to make.

Here’s a model:

Here’s a quickie partial drawing from it:


QuickDESIGN, The computer aided cartridge design program is the latest creation from Hartmut Broemel.