Cartridge, dummy T70-E5


A document found floating loose in a box file on US 30-06.

If this is well known or otherwise mundane, please let me know and I’ll delete it.

Happy collecting, Peter


Peter - Why delete it. Even if known to .30-06 specialists, there are many of us on this Forum that
likely have never seen this particular document. It is a perfectly valid piece of ammunition information.
Not everything mentioned has to be rare or exotic. Thanks for posting it. It is a very nice document.


Many collectors are not aware that the late T70 (M63) Dummy cartridges were loaded with a bullet without a core. This drawing illustrates that. But, interesting enough, you can also find M63s that have a cored bullet indicating that whatever bullet was available in quantity was used.

And John, the T70E5 is a Cal .30 LR cartridge.

Thanks again Peter. Keep those drawings coming.



Ray - Thank you. I did not realize just looking at the drawing that it was not a .30-06.
I see now that proportionately, it does look like a shorter case in the drawing. That
could have been mentioned in the original text, for those of us ignorant of a lot of these
T-numbers. Nice drawing! Certainly not “mundane,” at least in my opinion.