Cartridge For Automatic Rifle .320 Kynoch Dwg 1901 (or 07)

I have recently been given the original Kynoch drawing shown in the picture. I have never seen a cartridge like this, or heard of such an automatic rifle. Has anyone got an example of the cartridge they could show or any other information. Apologies for the quality of the picture but the drawing is in poor condition.

Thanks in advance


Fascinating - thanks for posting!

I’ve not seen this before and the only comments I can make are that the round-nosed bullet suggests that 1901 is more likely than 1907 (when spitzers were becoming standard for new cartridges for military rifles), and that the extreme case taper suggests that the magazine in question could have been of the flat pan type, as for the later Lewis gun. It certainly wasn’t suited to a box magazine.

Ian, amazing drawing, thanks for sharing. The correct date would be 1901 because of the drawing number, which is just before that of the “Seelun” Cartridge drawing number D74 dated June 8, 1901.

Ian - since you own the original drawing, could you perchance publish on this Forum some of the key measurements to the cartridge. I enhanced the photo quite a bit from how it appears on my screen from the Forum, but the measurements are still not legible either in the Data Block at the bottom left, or from the drawings themselves. They are pretty important to finding out if any specimen of this cartridge exists.

Woodin Lab, could not tell of hand, if one is in the collection due to a lack of any usable information on the cartridge specs.

Thank you for any help you can give us in that regard.

OAL of cartridge, bullet diameter, case mouth diameter, base diameter, head diameter and cartridge case length would all be highly useful for possible future identification. It is recognized that the case shape itself is fairly unusual, but evidently not completely adequate for ID.

John will do as you ask. I hope to catch up with Tony E after Christmas and get him to do a proper scan. I will then post it along with the dimensions.