Cartridge for GDR line throwing gun

The GDR made a copy of the Sander line throwing gun (dating back to WW1 or even earlier) which was a simplified version.
While the Sander used a short 8mm revolver case (think it was a .32) the GDR (was said to have) used a 9mm revolver type blank like the 9.5mm tool blanks they made but sure with an adapted load.

As the GDR certainly did not use tool blanks and did not issue cartridges with boxes marked so I am trying to find out what exact cartridges they were using and how the respective boxes looked like.

Has anybody ever seen confirmedly original cartridges and mybe the boxes for these cartridges?

Here the GDR made gun “Leinenwurfpistole 400” (copyright is with Bruno Baumgarten research team):

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I do not know what cartridge is used in this one or in the Sander Leinenpistole which was used by the German military during WW2 and also by other maritime users.

There is also a post-WW2 “COMET-LEINENPISTOLE” nearly identical to the one in the photo above except using plastic type material for the grips and handle, and lacking the exhaust ports in the barrel (which are not found in the Sander version either). The Comet uses a centerfire cartridge (based on the bolt face). There has been an example listed on for a long time, but with no cartridges or rockets.
Remember, the cartridge in these serves mainly to ignite the rocket, and perhaps provide some limited initial impulse to get the rocket moving out of the barrel, but the propulsion is mainly from the rocket motor. These are variations on the basic concepts of Schermuly which was widely adopted circa 1929.

John, yes I am aware of these. They are modified Sander designs and the post war “western” types which were (are?) used by the German Army post 1945 used the said 8mm revolver (.32) cartridge.

The muzzle section was adapted to customer requirements then.